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Dates Processing Machine

• The machine is equipped with one meter length feeder , Three meters length conveyors with 100 cm width perforated stainless steel mesh belt suitable for foodstuff are designed for drying the washed date.It is used for drying dates with 40-60 deg c (adjustable) with  fan assistance. Each tunnel has its own hot air generator consists of 30 cm dia. Centrifugal  fan and natural gas burner and heat exchanger.


• The outer surface of tunnel is covered with stainless steel and they are heat insulated. Last part of the line is
a two meters length conveyor  used for spraying polish oil with 4  spray nozzles up and 4 nozzles down the belt. 
The belt in this part is specially ordered plastic perforated mesh belt . The conveyor has tray for collecting additional liquid.

• Centrifugal pump along with 5 liters hopper is connected to liquid spray nozzles. Each conveyor drive has 1KW power and velocity of belt is adjustable by an inverter ( approximately 1.4 meter per minutes).All parts of system can be controlled by central control panel and tunnels have digital thermo meter for controlling temperature.It is possible to use steam ,or gasoline instead of natural gas.

Width : 1000mm
Total Lenght : 12000mm
Electric Power : 9 hp
Capacity : 400kg/hr
Efficiency  : %90
Temperature  : 50 – 90 deg c
Total  Fans Capacity : 28000 m³/h
Gas Consumption : 15 – 20 m³/h
Termal Capacity Of Hot Air Generators :100000 Kcal/h

Power Supply :1580×1100×9200mm

Weight : 1300 kg
Dimension : 200 - 380 v