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CIJ Coder

• Features

1. Succinct Appearance & Delicate Internal

Succinct appearance and small body, much flexible to install;

Delicate internal design, easy operate and maintenance;

Unique hydraulic system design, lowest makeup consumption;

2. Reliable & High Performance

Adopt original Japanese electric motor, 3 years’ free maintenance;

Stainless steel cabinet of IP54, thousands of tests for each part to ensure high reliability;

Supported by world-leading R&D center, high performance guaranteed;

3. Function & Application Diversity

English menu, edit by any dot, available for logo and graphic print;

Message convert, clock delay, shift code, much more than your want;

Suitable for a variety of industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, tobacco,

Construction material, electronics, automotive parts, etc.

4. USB Connector & Large Memory

USB connector for message download and program upgrade, RS485 dataTransfer;

Large memory of more than 1000 message, meet all your storage needs;


5. User-Define Fonts & Print Any Want

Unique user-defined fonts, available for any you want, explore much more print Possibility;

6. Easy Operate & Maintenance

Friendly operation interface, none-stop of replacing ink or makeup;

Optimized system design, less parts, lower faults rate and maintenance cost;

7. Driven by Electric Diaphragm Pump, Power of Innovations

Original Japanese electric diaphragm pump, high performance in toughness;

Innovative driven model, avoid much weaknesses of gear pump.

• Function Parameters 

Standard features

·         Continuous inkjet printing easy to start


·         Automatic nozzle cleaning, automatic



·         Friendly operation interface, more

         convenient to


·         Provide English message edit function,


          can be reversed or inverted;

·         Locate any point to edit within edit area;

·         Logo and graphics


·         Serial number, shift code, clock setting


          printing function;

·         Time could be offset to hours, 4 clocks

          could be

          in‎sorted simultaneously at most;

·         2 serial numbers could be in‎sorted

          simultaneously at most;

·         User-defined fonts, capable of printing


          you want;

·         Large memory volume of over 1000


          could be expanded by USB disk;

·         Download message or up‎date program by


          disk through USB connector;

·         Automatically adjust viscosity, Non-stop


          ink or make-up replacement

·         Print quantity counter and monitor;

·         Automatically display faults and



Print Speed

Maximum Speed is 1666 ch‎aracters per second (single line at the lattice of 5*5), equal to 255 meters per minute.


Message Height

1-20mm, ch‎aracters could be bolded 9 times


Font Option

5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 10×16, 12×16, 16××24 

Power Supply

160—220V / 50—60HZ

Working Environment: any

Working temperature: 5-45℃     

Working humidity: 30-90 %( non-condensing)

Ink & Makeup

Unique hydraulic system design, lowest makeup consumption;


Data Communication:

Encoder connector

USB connector

NPN/ PNP Product detector connector

RS485 data transition connector

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