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Semi-automatic tea bag machine – TBK2

Right-handed people


Bench Top Volumetric Filler with an Impulse Sealer attached

Machine Configuration

Up to 10 grams

Filling Range

Any pre-made pouch

Pouch Size

Pouch material

Any heat sealable polymer like PE, OPP, etc; any heat-sealable material

like tea bag paper, heat-seal foil, etc; any heat sealable laminate.

Other Containers

Can be used to fill small bottles, cans, etc. Also.

Operating Voltage

220V AC 1P 50 Hz / 110V AC 1P 60 Hz

Required Current

                                                                < 750 watts

                                                                12" x 18" x 11" Height

                                                                Machine Dimension

                                                                (Main Body)

                                                                300 mm x 450 mm x 275 mm Height

                                                                Net Weight

                                                                50 Kilograms (110 pounds)

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