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Full Automatic Tablet Counter (TABF2)


This machine is suitable for fully automatic tablets and capsule counting and filling with two nozzles in plastic and glass cans or other containers.

It is equipped with two 16 Litres stainless drums with adjustable tile. The pills are poured from the hopper onto the drum and are rotated the plate through a shot into the container at the bottom of the shot.

The counting will be done with electrical counting technology in shooting and the capacity of capsule filling can be changes with a controller.

The containers are held by a pneumatic gating system at the end of the shot and the machine automatically prevents the capsules from dropping if the container is not at the end of the shot.

It is equipped with two meters conveyor with independent movement by 0.5 hp power and using high dust resistance.

Complies with GMP Standards

-Volume of the containers: 15-500 ml

-Capacity: 60-100 bottle/hour

-Power: 1.5 kW

-Dimension (mm): 1760*900*2000

-Weight: 350 kg   


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