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Full Automatic Plant For Date Handling,Processing And Packaging







• The main advantages come from: 

-Fully continuous system;
-Cleaning - steaming
-Pasting mixer and date syrup extraction
-Packaging in thermo sealed trays.
-Standard capacity is 800 - 1000 kg/h

Plant accessories (optional): 
- Date pressing in blocks (semi automatic or fully automatic);
- Dosing date syrup in bottles.


The purpose of this machine is Cleaning and steaming of date.
This machine consists of spiral feeder, perforated drum and steam pipeline for modulating dates with steam with movement in length of perforated drum with 10 mm holes and inclusive with hollow shaft with 3 hubs with arm  for moving axial and spiral movement of date ahead.
All parts in contact with product are AISI304 with 3HP-1400 rpm Electro gearbox,MVF80/FC I=1/40
Approximate weight: 700 kgs
Diameter of drum: 700 mm
Length of shaft : 3000mm


The purpose of this machine is crushing of date and makes it ready for pasting.
The machine with reciprocating motion of a crank pushes steamed dates from the entrance hopper through 2 pressing rollers and emits it from bottom.
All parts in contact with product are AISI304 
Dimension: 1650x800x600 mm
Electro gearboxMVF80/FC I=1/10 1.5 HP-1400rpm


The purpose of this machine is to transfer date to steaming machine and double shaft kneader.
Width: 300mm
Length: 3000mm
PVC Belt compatible with food industry standards with thread for keeping AISI420 dates of downfall.
Electro gearbox: MVF80/FCI=1/10 1.5 HP-1400rpm
Frame of Conveyor is 2mm thickness AISI420


The purpose of this machine is to paste and knead date meanwhile extracting its syrup if required.
Mixer Tank length: 5000mm
Mixer Tank width: 550 mm
Double jacket mixer is equipped with steam and hot water pipeline on Jacket. Outer jacket and Steam pipeline is heat insulated and covered with stainless steel sheet.
Inner and outer jackets of mixer are made of AISI304
Approximate Weight of inner jacket: 420 kgs
Approximate weight of outer jacket: 400 kgs
Main drive is high quality Electro gearbox 20HP, 17.5 rpm
Main shaft is hollow with crossed arms bolted to it. Paddles are in 45 degree angle to each other and bolted in counter clockwise direction to the main shaft.
All parts in contact with product are AISI304
The machine is on a pivoted frame with adjustable incline .For adjusting the incline there is a hydraulic cylinder .This is used in extracting syrup by adding hot water to paste during kneading and let the syrup exits from through a mesh into a 100 liters vessel.


The purpose of this machine is to convey date paste to De-pitter. 
Diameter: 250 mm
Length: 2300 mm
Electro gearbox: 2HP1400rpm -MVF86FC I=1/64
Pitch: 100 mm
Capacity: 6 TONS /HR
All parts in contact with product are AISI304


The purpose of this machine is to De-pitting the date paste.
The machine equipped with hopper and screw feeder and with scrubbing date paste on a mesh at the first zone and with peeling blades at the second zone separates the remained flesh on the stone surface and emit it from the bottom. The stones exit from the front gate of the machine.
Dimension: 11300*600-100mm
Electro gearbox:MVF80/FC I=1/10  1 HP-1400rpm 

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