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Induction Foil/Cap Sealer (IS2000-1)

Suitable for automatic production, easy
use, easy set up. Install by place over the capping conveyor
without modification. Use space over the conveyor less than
50 cm.
- Input 220 Volt 50 Hz 1Phase
- Included automatic voltage stabilizer for control circuit
for input 220VAC +/-20%
- Steel structure with epoxy coated
- Maximum foil width 80 mm
- Adjustable coil height 2-135 cm
- Adjustable output power up to 2kw
- Use photo switch to automatic start sealing when have
bottle and automatic stop by timer, cooling coil by water and radiator
- Electronic sensor for overload protection and fuse for
short circuit protection
- Missing foil under cap detection and have electrical contact for automatic rejecter
- Bottle slow or bottle jam under coil detection
- Electrical contact for automatic stop filler or capper when have alarm
- LED display for output voltage and current, 6 digits counter for incoming bottle and 4 digits counter for missing foil

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