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Ball Mill


Machine name

Ball mill




Ball mill cylinder diameter: 900mm, length: 1200mm 

Volume :760L

Ball mill cylinder thickness: 10mm, material: Q235 and painting

Motor: Y series, 11KW. 

Ball mill base: 120 channel iron

Working way:  continuous type

Ball mill dimension: 2500x1300x1300mm. 

Ball mill transmission dimension: 1000x700x650mm

Liner : alumina liner,

Liner thickness: 50mm and 70mm. 

Ball mill feeding materials device : stainless steel 

Ball mill discharge material device: stainless steel

Discharge materials sieving device: choice the final powder size (screen hole make basis customer require.)

Alumina  balls:  10mm,  20mm,  30mm  and  40mm,

Each kind ball with bulk volume: 150L.

Final powder size:bigger than 0.075mm

Weight: 2.3 ton 


QG-900x1200 main machine(include the feeding and discharge sieving device )

Alumina ball 10mm ,150L

Alumina ball 20mm ,150L

Alumina ball 30mm ,150L

Alumina ball 40mm ,150L


1. Our machine alumina liner and ball use alumina corundum (main composition: AL2O3).

2. Alumina liner use 50mm and 70mm so that make the machine liner inside have wave, when machine is rotation and then easy take the ball to higher place so that good for mill the materials.

3. Feeding materials and discharge materials part use stainless steel so that reduce the impurities into materials.

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