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Foamy Liquid Filling Machine (CW6000)


Foamy liquid filling machine is designed to automatically fill bottles from 200CC to 1000CC by gravity system. Machine is equipped with pump and special nozzles to remove the foam from the bottles and then transfer into the separated tank.

The machine can fill liquid containing high foam and bubble amount such as glass cleaner, shampoo & multipurpose cleaner into bottle with high precision filling nozzles. Nozzles place into the container while filling and not allow new containers place under nozzles before filling all the containers accomplished.  Machine is Equipped with speed –adjusting device. All parts in contact with liquid are stainless steel.

Machine basically equipped with 3 meters conveyor with stainless steel body and separate gear motor with 0.5hp power supply. Also the machine equipped with 150Liter collector made of stainless steel with level controlling system.




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