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Olive Pitting Machine

The machine expels stones types from 140 to 420 olive calibers .Equipped with sensor-controlled feeding band

Uniformly transporting the olives . Manufactured of AIS 304 quality stainless steel . The machine can be run at a requested speed thanks to the speed control device. Stone is expelled without harming the olive pulp. Olives reaching the distributor disk are transported from here to the main head of the machine via transporting pallets where stones are expelled from the olives with cross blades. Olives without Stone and Stones are thrown out via first and second transporting elements respectively. The machine is protected from rust by a central greasing system and a long efficient operation is provided.


Width: 1200 mm

Length: 1850 mm

High: 1800 mm

Weight: 300 kg                                                                                                  

Between140-420 caliber with 12 knifes

Capacity 2000pcs / Minute

Automatically feeding band

Elec. Motor Power 1.1 - 0.37kw

380 Volt

Central licking system

Electronic speed control

FDA suitable PVC bent

3Pcs. Caliber disc

Mİ 400Hensel electric system board

Main body AISI 304 Cr Ni

Olive Calibers:

140-160 / 220-240 / 300-320

160-180 / 240-260 / 320-340

180-200 / 260-280 / 340-360

200-220 / 280-300 / 360-380 / 400-420



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