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Automatic Feed Powder Compact Machine

This machine is designed for compacting the cosmetic powder, suitable for pressed powder, or powder eye shadow and other types of manufacturing.


Technical Specifications:


1. Dimensions: 1580mm (L) x900mm (W) x1600 (H)

2. Electric power: 2.2Kw

  3. Power: AC380V/50Hz

  4 Maximum production capacity : 3 mold / min

  5. Weight: 560Kg

  6. Material contact part: USU316L, Body: USU 304


 Product Features:

1. Automatically feed the powder, Feeding would be adjustable 1 to 3 times

2. The upper, middle and lower mold are fixed in the machine table, a style only a pair of molds, produce, easy to install.

3. The amount of powder adjustable at any time, do not need to modify the thickness of the aluminum pan mold.

4. Exhaust dust collection device.

5 Finished powder is discharged automatically

6. Automatic Winding device, the same color can be reused, and difficult to wear and tear.

7. Secure electronic eye safety devices



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