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Flat Type Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (DPP-150A)

1:PVC     2:Preheat box     3:Coder    4:PVCmolding position  5:Feeder  6:Man-machine interface  7:Color patch sensors     8:Heatsealing Position 9:Motor     10:tear line creasing locations           11:PTP film rewind         12:stepping motor traction locations  13:Blanking position         14:Waste rewind


 Mian Technical Data:

1.       Packing materials job effectively wide:          160mm;

2.       Guide roller wide-width:               180mm(aluminum alloy)

3.       Work linear:                               15rush/min~55rush/min;

4.       Mechanical highest velocity:         65rush/min;

5.       PVC Base material rewind biggest diameter:           φ300mm;

6.       PTPAluminum foil backing rewind biggest diameter: φ250mm;

7.       Waste rewinder biggest diameter:    φ400mm;

8.       PVCMolding area and depth:      140mm×130mm×14mm(According to beyond the above area and the depth of the customer request)

9.       Stepping motor control adjustable steplessly itinerary:10mm~130mm(According to beyond the above area and the depth of the  customer request)

10.     Air Pump volume flow:                ≥0.36m3/min;

11.    Machine total power:                   380V、50Hz、5.5KW(According to customer's requirements change);

12.    Overall size(mm):                  2050mm×530mm×1350mm

13.    Package size(mm):                  2580mm×800mm×1600mm

14.    Net weigh:                              0.87T

15.    Gross weigh:                          0.96T



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