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Automatic Auger Type Powder Filling Machine (AUGA)


The basic system (semi automatic) has high standards of hygiene filling head speed up to 25 fills per minute capacity, from a few grams upwards nominal accuracy 1% or better , simple drive mechanism gives trouble free operation ,robust frame improved timer or counter with cycling or single shot options optional length of support column, adjustable table height ,variable table size, choice of hopper size, wide selection of standard augers and funnels ,available variable auger drive speed, if required modular construction simplifies maintenance.

The basic system plus conveyor and control modules (AUGA) provides fully automatic filling same basic features permits increased output up to 30 per minute.

Presence of container initiates filling cycle, electronic circuitry and pneumatic valves separated from filling area, working parts in filling area are sealed, conveyor can be fitted in any of three positions to suit customers layout optimal variable - speed conveyor drive to give optimum output speed for all container sizes direction of conveyor feed either left to right or right to left.



Dimension MM


Filling range

5 to 2000 GR

Air consumption

300 LIT/HR

Conveyor motor

0.5 HP

Stirrer motor

0.5 HP

Main motor

0.75 HP


1500 CONT./


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