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Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine (SAR)


This bottle labeling machine is used for applying self-adhesive labels on the any bottle wrap

 around type on line or off line vertically with high speed, efficiency and accuracy.



 Bottles, cans, jar etc.


Salient Features

· Microprocessor based state of art technology with continuous duty operation

· Automatic registration of labels through label sensor . Sensing adjustable to accommodate a variety             of color schemes of labels.

· Bottles can be attached to the conveyor through turn table (optional).

· High speed wrap around labeling

· Option for attaching inkjet printing.

· Machine can be attached with any other packing machine or operation to give online application.


Technical Data




40-120 per min

Label size

10x10 to 100x 100 mm


1.5 kW, 230 Volt, 1 Phase, 50 Hz. AC


Microprocessor based control.










·  Labeling in: Up to 500 ml Bottles

· Packing Material: Self-adhesive sticker

· Vertical Labeling System

· Complete P.L.C & Smart Sensor Controlled System

· Single Head Label Fixing Attachment

· Speed 40 60 labels per min. (Depending on the size of bottle and label)

· S.S. slat chain conveyor with Variable Frequency Drive Attached

·  Power 2.5 Kw, Single Phase

·  Fully Stepper Controlled Motor Based System

· Compact and robust machine

· All around machine covering of stainless steel

· State of art technology used

· Very simplified operation

· Low maintenance

· Self-Adhesive labels, Labels required in Roll Form


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