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Full Automatic Six Nozzle Filling Machine (Gravity Filler) CW6000

This machine is suitable for filling light liquid like dough, milk, mineral water, chemical liquids and etc.


-The nozzles are placed in the container when filling and regardless to the volume of container, fill the liquid to an adjustable level of it.

-The machine includes a bottom-up filling system

- based on customer requested it can be added the special anti-leakage channel with a return pump which is connected to the main tank.

- Three meters conveyors and 150 litres Balance of tank

- Approximate capacity: 1500 Cont. /h

- Power supply: 380V, 1hp

- Containers volume: 250-2000 CC. (up to 4000 CC in case of customer order)

- Dimension (mm): 3000*1100*2250

-Weight with three meters conveyor: 300 kg 



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