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Fruit Roll Up Machine (FROL500)

This machine is able to make fruit bar/roll from fruit puree with high speed hygienic method.

The operation starts with stainless steel blade with sweep movement collect the materials from two storages which are located at the two end sides of the machine and pulls it on tray with high speed. The thickness of the material is adjustable on the tray. Then the tray is automatically lowered and the operator removes the full tray and inserts another tray. The trays can be stainless steel, aluminium or ideally polycarbonate sheet. The trays are then inserted into the trolley and placed into the dryer.

The machine is equipped with DC motor, PLC and its speed is adjustable too.             

Technical specification:


- Tray size (mm): 500*700

- Capacity: 20-30 tray /min.

- Power supply: 220 V/1.2 kW

- Weight: 200 kg

- Dimension (mm): 1600*1600*1000



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