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Kettle Mixer (JP500)


The cover of tank with the pneumatic system automatically opens and closes and the rotation of tank is operated by a Mchanical winch.

The tank also has a 3 mm diameter valve. for checking and discharging materials.

In case of customer order, besides Pump it can be added Vacuum T80 model for maximum vacuum and also two sockets for

installing CIP Ball.


Stir & scrapper revolution


Tank volume

650 LIT (Totally)

500 LIT(/usable)

139 (Minimum usable)

Inner thickness of the tank (mm)

5 mm

Stir& scrapper engine power


Vacuum Pump Electromotor Specifications( if order)

80M3/HR (Capacity)

5.5KW 1450 RPM(Electromotor)

  0.5 INCH


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